it is so easy to never get bored with creating artwork from nature as there is always a new place outside to explore, always a new angle to see things from.


I was born in the small but beautiful, coastal province of New Brunswick, Canada. I grew up and now also reside just outside the city of Saint John in a rural area with my husband and two daughters, just minutes away from brooks, rivers, lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean. I come from a large family, who all of which have natural artistic abilities and talents, and from a very early age I have been surrounded and inspired by several creative, passionate individuals. 

My grandmother was a great creator of many things, all ranging from gardening, sewing, crafting, quilting to painting. She did it all.  My father also loves to paint and draw and is also involved in several other creative outlets as well, such as woodworking and welded art decor. I remember being taught drawing techniques from both him and my grandmother as far back as I can remember. I also have a brother that likes to paint and several aunts, uncles and cousins that are all creatively skilled as well.  I can't recall the exact moment when I exclusively turned to art, but I have very early memories as far back as kindergarten where I would get self-fulfillment to just be colouring or drawing on blank paper and proud when I finished a piece of work. 

Somewhere between the ages of six and eight I experimented with nature scenes and landscapes with pastels, pencil and chalk.  I used to get inspired by watching the drawing segment of the Mr. Dressup program, and other shows that revolved around art such as Art Attack and The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Soon after, my first attempts at painting were with watercolour and tempera paint.  I played around with scenic views, mostly oceanic sunsets, trees, mountains, and snow.  

Today, most of my work still revolves around landscapes, nature and scenic views that I find beautiful, but I also enjoy creating the occasional abstract or playing with watercolour and sketches. For me, it is so easy to never get bored with creating artwork from this as there is always a new place outdoors to explore, always a new angle to see things from.  The possibilities are endless.  Growing up in a rural area, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for nature and I am always happiest when I am among the trees and fresh air.  I've also always been fascinated by the moon, stars and astronomy since childhood. There is something so magical and alluring about the night sky. 

Growing into my pre-teens I began playing the acoustic guitar. With the encouragement and guidance from family and help of the internet, I learned a number of basic chords, songs and how to tune a guitar. I loved creating beautiful sounds out of silence. I self-taught myself and played off and on throughout my teens and music is still something that is very important to me today… especially while I work, as it relaxes and helps keep me in the zone.

Into high school and late teens, I also became very interested in html, and graphic design. I enjoyed creating silly .GIFS and other digital art. It was during this time I became passionate about photography.  I loved creating beautiful imagery with just a click of a button, as well as editing and processing those images afterward.  But this is still not where my true passion lied. Regardless of what happened, I always found myself drawn back to the materials and painting, being a servant to the creative process.  Even though I sometimes work my fingers to the bone while creating, it is a meditative process that fills me with light and happiness and I hate going long periods without it. Sharing my work on social media definitely helps keep me motivated, and the more I paint, the more I want to paint.

I believe that every creator has their own path and special way of doing things, one that is unique to them.  That path can be discovered with hard work and dedication. Creating art is an endless journey, one of which where there is always room for growth and improvement. Aside from art class in high school, I have never taken any sort of post-secondary art class, and that is what I love about it.  There is always something new to learn, some new technique to practice and experiment with on your own…that is how I learn best, exploring and just letting the paint take you some place interesting.