January Valleys | Hampton, NB Fine Artist

January Valleys

I’m not sure if it’s winter or because the Christmas break is almost over, but I’m not going to lie I’ve felt as bleak and de-saturated as these chilly January days recently. This grey emotion has inspired this piece, and I’m thinking about starting a mini collection with a few more like this if this painting gets a response. Artists usually paint what they see or how they see it. So I guess this could be a testament to my art and view of the world. It so easily can change from upbeat and cheerful to sullen and overcast. What influences one’s art truly does range from a multitude of things: weather, holidays, mood, emotions. ‘It’s just the weather’ I tell myself. Some days I love winter, other days I wish for the warmth. On the days I wish for warmth I try to find joy in the things I love and remember that just like this little golden mountain off in the distance, I will find myself caught in the sun’s warm glow again.

Location: Hampton, NB

Paint: Archival Acrylic

Size: 8 x 8 inches

Material: Gallery wrapped level 3 canvas


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