Just Us - Meaning Behind the Title

One of my paintings titled 'Just Us' is inspired by a photo taken several years ago.  My husband, (then boyfriend) and I were driving home one evening in the fall.  It was one of those amazingly crisp, refreshing, cool nights. The kind we all long for after a long, humid day of summer heat and you realize with that cool air: fall is imminent.

It had just poured rain, and just as we begin to see the familiar roads of Hampton, it began to clear. The clouds parted, and the most beautiful rays of light, illuminated the clouds with flecks of pink, white, and orange. I took this photo of the sunset, and my cell phone camera accidentally focused on the raindrops and created this happy accident.

There is something about the emergence of fall.  I don't know if it is because my brain has been programmed to associate the starting of school each year and new beginnings, or if it is because the obvious change is upon us, but I can't help love the colourful newness autumn brings. 

I have been meaning to turn this photo into a painting since the day I captured it, and I finally did. Some parts were more difficult to paint than others. When I set out to start this piece, I thought the raindrops were going to be the most trying part, but actually it was blending the background out to appear as if you are looking through a glass window. 

'Just Us' 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

'Just Us' 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

Whenever I see this painting my heart just bursts with joy. Not only do the details meld into one another to make the perfect sheen of glass, but this photo is from the less hectic days of mine and my husband's relationship. It was just after one of our (back then) frequent date nights. My oldest daughter was just an infant, we barely had any 'adult' bills, and the livin' was easy.

I wouldn't trade the days we have now, but I definitely look back with a smile on my face and love to reminisce on how little I knew the next few years would drastically change, each day for the better.  It astonishes me everyday the immense amount of love that fills my home and heart that started out with just us.