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Because I love what I do.

Plain and simple. I pour my heart and soul into every painting and photography session, and deliver my products and services exactly as how I would want to receive them. I make no exception when it comes to the quality of my work, especially for my clients.

My artistic and photographic style is fun and authentic. I take great pleasure in seeing and making others laugh! Therefore, my sessions are playful and relaxed. During a photography session you can expect me to act a little silly by singing songs and making funny sounds, especially with the little ones, just to capture a genuine smile, and I’m okay with that because this is who I am in real life. A silly girl that doesn’t take life too seriously!

I want everything to be perfect for you, so I spend a lot of time carefully curating and making sure everything is beautiful from the quality of products I use in my creations, down to the way I edit your photos with my fine art approach.

If you are interested in having me document the natural connection between you and your family in a beautiful and creative way, or have a custom piece of artwork made especially for you to really make your house feel like home, reach out! I would love to start planning your photo session or your new piece of fine art with you.

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